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LFCU members just like you are proving that you don’t have to earn a lot of money to build wealth. When you join Langley Saves you’ll learn how to pay off debt and save to reach your financial goal. Langley Saves provides tools and tips to help you set goals, develop strategies to reach those goals and to start saving. So what are you waiting for? and start building wealth today. Enroll in Langley Saves today!


Saving Strategies

Building wealth starts when you set a goal and make a plan to reach that goal. Whatever goal you choose – whether it’s buying a car, buying a house, or getting out from under your debts – learn about proven savings strategies and get simple tips on the best ways to save. Click on the links below to learn how to:

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Save for a home

Save for a car

Save for emergencies

Save at work

About Us

Langley Saves is all about helping our members improve their personal and household finances by providing financial information, tools, products, and services which can be used to eliminate debt and to start saving. It is not a matter of how much you earn, but how much you spend and how much you save. We believe that anyone can build wealth by developing the habit to save, finding opportunities to save, and by using the proper financial products and services to build wealth.

Langley Saves is associated with the America Saves program, which is managed by the nonprofit Consumer Federation of America (CFA). CFA is a federation of some 300 consumer education, advocacy, and cooperative organizations dedicated to advancing consumer interest.

Our Sponsor Group

Langley Federal Credit Union, founded in 1936, is a progressive, full-service financial institution dedicated to providing quality financial products and excellence in member services to eligible members. Langley Federal Credit Union is committed to improving the financial well-being of our members by providing financial education, supporting the wise use of financial products, and encouraging the saving habit. For more information about Langley Federal Credit Union visit www.langleyfcu.org.


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Save wisely by spending wisely. Langley Federal Credit Union offers helpful seminars, which you can attend for FREE at our comfortable and convenient Oyster Point Member Education Center. See our current list of seminars.

Financial Counseling

Are you falling behind on bills? If collection notices are starting to pile up, or you just need advice on setting up a budget or a savings plan, Langley’s own Financial Counselor can help. Click here for details.

Savings Tips

Save money by making your home more energy-efficient. Use timers on high-energy items (as well as lighting so it goes on when you need it and off when you don't).  Full freezers work more efficiently.  If it is half full of food items, fill some empty milk or sealable containers two-thirds full of water and stock them in your freezer.

- Donna Deuster, Racine, Wisconsin

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Langley Saves

Langley Saves is a local campaign designed to help Langley Federal Credit Union members and their families save and build wealth. Building self-sufficiency through encouraging saving and reducing debt, Langley Saves provides financial education, wealth coaching, financial counseling and access to savings products.

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